A page dedicated to Vince O'brian.

An outstanding stained glass artist, I was honored to work with Vince for a period spanning 10 years.
When we weren't working on a chuch project he would keep me busy repainting and repairing his house, his studio ... rewiring, building carports, repairing roofs, 30' chimneys ...
We did churches, synagogs, the Deaf and Blind school to speak of a few, he understood glass better than most.
Outstanding in leaded glass, he developed the system used below, my favorite.

The following is just one such project, a Methodist church in Colorado Springs ... three projects in one. His son, Vince jr., Vince and I would all build the glass to Vince's drawings and specifications.
All done in 1" thick imported glass with resin frames. After curing we'd chip concoidal flakes off the interior side of the panel ... the light was amplified and refracted beautifully ...


I built the wall sections at the studio in the case of the outside Cross and Flame, like steel framed musical instruments with plywood facings and ribs, stacked and attached them at the site, then we all installed the glass and finished with cutout relief pieces and stucco.


The 2nd project was the interior wall behind the choir and pulpet. I didn't build the large wall, but I built the glass frame on the floor and installed it in the big wall.

Again, we all installed the glass and backlighting/reflecting units.


 I built the 9' Cross and Flame on the church tower at the studio then attached in two pieces to the circular wall in front of our backlit window, our 3rd project for this church.


I miss Vince more than any artist I worked with, not only for his creativity, but for his encouragement.
Vince, it was a pleasure knowing you.