Some images from my 
avocational archaeological forays:
ALL IMAGES Copyright 1988/2009 DAYoung

These amazing images come from South Eastern Colorado's Commanche National Grassland and represent an untold number of sites in the vicinity that mark various old world occurrences of seasonal changes, religious festivals, places to camp ... one even refers to a frontier town in the Denver area ... often using a writing system called ogam/ogham translating into an ancient form of Celtic or Irish writing ... the word "Grian" or "Sun" found repeatedly marking solar events, usually shadow plays with the rising or setting sun casting a moving shadow marker on a glyph ... sometimes direct viewing through a notch or rockfall of the sun.

There is much controversy attached to the significance of these sites for they represent Old World travellers long before Columbus, long before the Vikings and offer arguments for diffusionist theories ... of people travelling the world mixing cultures for thousands of years ... but the glyphs themselves are not recognized as archaeological evidence as would cultural artifacts like coins, bronze age spearpoints, etc ... even though a Roman coin was found locally. Amazingly, the sites I've researched show datable startcharts and boats on rivers ... you literally have to "See them to Believe", and not recognizing them as cultural evidence betrays logic and shows how archaeology has become a dogma and not a science.

Contact me at ... I'd love to set up an expedition as I'm generally in the field recording sites on the equinox and solstices. The area is threatened by possible expansion of a military base manuver area and needs to be recorded for posterity  and historical reasons ... correcting our current felicious texts and understanding of who and what came before us.

Crack Cave 
solar marker 
on the autmnal 
equinox sunrise, 
 The figure formed by 
the equinox sunrise
overlaying the ogham glyph.
The ogham glyph under predawn
artificial light;
greyscale, light embossing. 

There is an excellent book on Colorado's oghams entitled:
"Ancient American Inscriptions: Plow Marks or History?"
by William R. McGlone, Phillip M. Leonard, James L. Guthrie,
Rollin Gillespie and James P. Whittall, Jr.
published by Early Sites Research Society
P.O.Box 303
Sutton, MA 01590
Library of Congress Card Number:  93-72155
ISBN: 01095365 XXX
I will link to them ASAP.

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